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Prayer Ministry and Bible Study 7:00PM  each Wednesday in sanctuary
Wed Bible study:  "Heavenly Laws For Earthly Living"  The book of Proverbs

Women's Ministry

Women's Ministry:

  There are Women events coming in the Fall and Winter months of 2013-2014.  We will update that information when it is available.


Welcome to Gethsemane Baptist Church. We have an incredible outreach in our community each Wednesday.  Our Wednesday evening youth program is incredible. We meet at 6:45pm. 



Gods Kids Choir

Meets Wednesday nights at 6:30pm
Led by Gina Rice & Parents, Choir is in full swing getting ready for the upcoming worship
& holiday performances. 

Kids On Missions

Wednesday nights at 7:15pm.
Led by Shirley McKinley, Penny Wooldridge and Jackie Gibson.  Don't Miss out on the fun!!  Each night offers exciting adventures from Bible Scavenger Hunts, Fishing, Hayrides, and using God's Word to do real hands on mission projects for children. Plus: Learn about Missionaries in countries around the world, experience games they play and food they eat. 

Mission Friends
Wednesday nights at 6:30pm.
Led by Barbara Satterly, Mission friends offers fun for the younger children with music, games learning that teach about God's love.


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